How to Rip DVD to iTunes Free

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Want to watch movies from your own DVD library on your iPod? With Instant Handbrake, free software for Mac OSX, you can easily make any DVD into an iTunes-compatible movie.

HandBrake is an open-source program designed to convert MPEG video (including DVD-Video) into an MPEG-4 video file in MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4) or Matroska (.mkv) containers. The program is used to convert DVDs into other forms so they can be viewed on iPods, iPhones and with the Mac QuickTime Player.
Step by step guide:
1: Install Handbrake
Simply download the “Windows GUI” from the Handbrake download page then run the installer. It’s that simple. If you get a prompt telling you that you don’t have the correct version of .Net framework installed, then you’ll need to download this from the Microsoft website.
2: Select your DVD source.
3: Insert your DVD. You many need to stop the auto-play.
4: Hit “Continue” in Instant Handbrake. It will begin to scan your DVD.
5: Select the file you want to convert. For full-length movies, this will be the file with the longest duration. For DVDs of TV Shows, please refer to the “Tips” section.
6: Select where you want the converted files to be saved to. It’s a good idea to save it to your “Movies” folder in Mac OSX.
7: For the rest of the options on this screen, select H.264 for the “File Format,” and for the “Picture Format” select “Original.” This will preserve the picture format (wide or full screen) that’s on the DVD.
8: Hit “Convert.” The movie will now be converted and saved to the folder you indicated in step six.
9: Launch iTunes.
10: Navigate to the folder your movie is saved in and drag the MP4 file into the iTunes Movie Folder.
11: Hook up your iPod and sync up – or if you manually transfer from iTunes to your iPod, drag the movie on to your iPod. Now you’re ready to enjoy your movie on the go!

Tips & Warnings:
If you have a DVD of TV shows, it’s recommended that you export each individual show. DVD’s have a “Play All” feature, which is all the episodes jammed into one file, this will be the longest duration in the list of files you get in step 5.You can also export to PSP format if you’ve got one of those. H.264 is the best quality format for iPod.Handbrake is a more robust version of Instant Handbrake. The program offers more options, but the concept is the same. This will work on Windows and Linux as well as Mac OSX Copy protection may prevent DVDs from being converted to iPod format.

Guidance on How to Install Windows Installer on Your PC Instantly

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In case you ever experienced the caution message appears on the computer’s screen shows that certain parts of windows installer have been lost, you’ll need to re-install it to get the computer fixed. This article will explain to you pertaining to how to install windows installer on your computer. This guide may be well-performed on any version of Windows such as XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows installer is really a software component produced by Microsoft that is already applied across the globe to install, manage, as well as uninstall program on the current Windows operating systems. The software is also needed for putting in the protection software plus the improvements for your PC.

For those who wonder how to install windows installer on your PC easily, it’s a must to check out first concerning the operating system version which you have on the PC. Then you will have got to know which windows installer version which may suit your OS specifications. For XP SP1 (or below) users, they need to get the 2.0 version. The 3.0 version is perfect for XP SP2 users, the v.3.1 is actually for XP SP3 users, the 4.0 version is designed for Vista SP1 users, and the 4.5 version is good for Vista SP2 users. The most recent version of the application will be the v.5.0 that’s created for Windows 7 RTM.

Right now, you are ready to download the windows installer from Microsoft official web-site. Open the browser and then head to this URL This will bring you to the ‘Download Center’ area then type ‘windows installer’ without quotes inside the blank section of the search textbox. You’ll discover a listing of available version of the software. Click on the one that is appropriate for your OS version.

Through this page you will find the brief information on the application like the version, the language, plus the publishing date. Actually, the program supports for a lot of languages across the country. At the below, you may see the download link of the files that you require. To recognize which file that can be proper for your PC; you ought to have a look at ‘System Requirements’ part which can let you know the entire listing of supported OS. Under the ‘System Requirements’ part, you will have the ‘Instructions’ section that provides the complete details for each file.

You may also need to look into the ‘Overview’ section on this website which elaborates the complete features of the windows installer that has to be very helpful for the computer. In conclusion, the author wishes that the guidance will be very worthwhile and will help much you to find out about how to install windows installer easily on your PC.


Web Hosting Options For Small Business

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Small businesses need a special hosting plan. Just anything does not work for them. The size of the business is small. Hence, it is evident that it would have certain financial constraints. The hosting plan has to be arranged for accordingly. The features in the plan have to be taken into account. The quality of the plan, its suitability towards the website and the dexterity on the cards are all important features. Mainly, it is the cost and quality that make for the service and determine its purchase quotient.

It offers a starting plan for only $11.95 a month. And also gives other facilities for fast and easy way to build and manage your web site. Email and voice-over, Internet protocol communication facilities are at affordable price which is enough for even smallest businesses. They can reach more customers by these facilities which are important for a business.

Obtain a Good Domain Name is a big process. There are number of providers to host your domain. One can check for the domain availability, Yahoo has a domain name service check, which can do a check in minutes and is $9.95 for year. Also determine how much space and band width is necessary for your site and yahoo provides 5GB of disk space.

Yahoo provides a number of PHP functions, and also MYSQL databases. If you are hosting you web-site with Yahoo Small Business Hosting you should use a web based admin tool to manage MYSQL database.

Yahoo help provides an easy step by step help to beginners such as how to quickly start web hosting which includes details such as what is a web hosting and new things in web hosting, plans offered, general information about billing, registration process etc.,. It also gives details about how to monitoring your site, using emails facilities, tips on promoting your site, updating and creating process , user guide and other resources. So its a hassle free web hosting for your business site. It also gives 24-hour customer support.

Sell Online facility is provided by Yahoo, makes it easy to set up an online store. This option offers a number of sharing options for small businesses to control the Yahoo network in order to reach an unmatched buying market online. The leading online store has enabled more than 17,000 merchants and small business owners to establish an online presence and sell their products and services on the Web. Yahoos Pay Direct option will allow a person-to-person payment system that enables small businesses to receive payment without a merchant account. Yahoos Small Business provides business planning content and tools, office supply shopping and mailroom resources, this will help small businesses grow business and manage daily operations.

In this way yahoo is serving the needs of small businesses to establish and grow a business presence on the Web with above attractive plans, necessary solutions and services to allow small businesses to get online, sell online and develop online marketing and promotional strategies.