What to Look For in Reasonable Web Hosting

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A number of web hosting services are available in the market. If you need your website to be a successful one, the choice has to be good. This is because worthy web hosting is equally as essential as affordable web hosting. What good is a cheap hosting solution if a website user finds it difficult to visit the page? Following tips and techniques will guide you through the steps needed to choose a good web hosting service.

Latency is an important factor while looking for a good web hosting service. A number of tools are available on the Internet that will allow you to check their chink times. Most of these tools are free of cost, so why not get benefited from them? It is a nice idea to check their latency time from several diverse cities – especially any cities you may target during a pay per click campaign. This will improve conversion and click through.

The other factor to look for in a reasonable web hosting business is uptime. A bad uptime percentage can harshly affect an electronic commerce store. It is because the web shoppers will not be willing to work around on a slow website. The researches made on this subject say that a website shopper will leave within eight to ten seconds if they do not get the desired results. If the server is frequently down a website owner will lose customers.

One more essential factor to look for is quality software. A worthy web hosting company will provide a variety of software to initiate the website and to make the website easy to use. These should include content administration systems like Joomla and Mambo and other blog software like word press. A few people might even need a forum. More significantly however, a good hosting outfit will also have the current versions of PHP and server applications.

The fourth thing to look for is quality SQL databases. Most professional websites today retrieve their data from an SQL database. This makes it possible for highly intricate and complicated websites to provide quality content to the website user. These are a must have item.

The reasonable web hosting company will also provide a good cPanel. This can speed up the development and safeguarding for all the websites the owner has. It will also speed up chores like setting up email accounts, additional domain names, and checking visitor statistics.

At last, devoted web hosting service is the one thing to look for. Many affordable web hosting companies will also have affordable dedicated hosting servers for ecommerce websites. This can offer the speed and security a website owner needs. In addition, it would be more feasible to set up SSL certificates for safe dealings.

How to Configure a Windows Machine For a Linux User

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he article explains how a Windows computer can be configured for Linux use. The methods compiled here are reliable and simple. It is still recommended that these should be followed carefully to avoid running into common Windows problems.

If you want to use Linux on your Windows machine, you will need to make some configurations to it. Considering this, we have compiled a free Windows support guide that will guide you to easily configure your Windows machine for Linux use.


Download and install VMware Player. Visit the official VMware website and navigate to the Downloads & Patches section under Get Support (at the bottom of the page). Click on the VMware Player link and download the file. When prompted, press the Save File button to save the file. If prompted, choose a location to save the file. If you are not prompted, the file might get automatically saved in the Downloads folder.

When done, browse for the file and open the setup.exe file. When greeted by the VMware Player installation wizard, hit the Next button. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete installing VMware Player. When finished and prompted, restart your computer. When finished, you will see a VMware Player icon on your Desktop screen.

Now download any Linux program to your computer. There are various Linux programs like Ubuntu, Fedora, Damn Small Linux, Suse, andLinux, and Portable Ubuntu etc. available on the internet. You can choose any program as desired. Download the desired program from its official or a trusted website and save it to your computer.

Afterwards, open the saved Linux setup.exe file and run the installation wizard. Follow the on screen prompts and finish the installation. When prompted, restart your computer. As usual, you will see the shortcut icon of Linux program on Desktop. Now would also need to download an OS.zip file from the official website of Wolphination. Type OS.zip in the Search box at the extreme top right hand corner of the Wolphination website and hit Enter. Click on the OS.zip link and save the file when prompted.

You can download the OS.zip for VMware Player from any other website also. Make sure that it is a trusted one. This file is required to establish communication between the VMware Player and the Linux program that you downloaded above to your computer. Browse to the location where the OS.zip file is saved and extract all its contents to another file or folder in the C: drive. When done, close all the windows.

Now open the VMware file (OS.VMX). Right click on the VMware icon, select Open With, and then point to Notepad. The VMware file will be opened in a Notepad. Look for the line saying ‘ide1:0.fileName “C:Your file’. You will need to change the last path (from the C: drive) to the Linux program’s version. For example, depending on the version of your Linux program, it will become anything like C: OSFC—-. Save the changes that you just made in the Notepad and close it.

Now reopen the OS.VMX (VMware) file and Linux will fire up. Be patient as it can take some time depending on the RAM capacity of your computer. Enjoy Linux program on your Windows computer and customize it as desired. If there is no shortcut icon of the OS.VMX file on your Desktop, create one. To do so, right-click on the file and choose Create Shortcut icon to create the shortcut on your computer.

Additional Tips:

You can create a bootable Ubuntu Live USB CD to boot into a Linux program.
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Tips to Pass Exam HP0-S17

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Integrating and Managing HP BladeSystem also known as Exam HP0-S17 is meant for technologists who have a great knowledge in HP BlaedSystem. By passing this exam, you will be able to work as a HP Authorized Service Partner Systems Engineer, HP Solution Architect, HP Technical Client Consultant and other related positions. It is not easy to be a HP Certified Professional unless if you are put effort in it.

Before taking the exam, it is best for you to know the objectives of this exam so that you can expect the type of questions that might be asked. So, the objectives of this exam are;

Industry Standard Server Technologies and Solutions (5%)
HP Industry Standard Server Products and Solutions (9%)
Planning and Designing a Deployable Solution (13%)
Install, Configure and Upgrade BladeSystem Solutions (12%)
Performance-tune and Optimize Solution (18%)
Troubleshooting and Repair/replacement Procedures (12%)
HP Unified Infrastructure Management (16%)
Administrative and Operational Tasks (10%)
HP Service Offerings (5%)

Here are some of the basic tips for you to pass this exam.

1. Online Study Materials

There are a lot of online materials that are helpful in passing this exam. Do a lot of questions to improve yourself and at the same time preparing for the exam. Make sure that you review all types of questions before sitting for the exam.

2. Additional Study References

You will not be guaranteed with a passing mark if you rely 100% on the theory part. You need to gain extra knowledge by doing practical work. There are some additional study documents that are useful for you to refer such as Deploying HP ProLiant Servers, Using Rapid Deployment Pack 3.0, HP Systems Insight Manager v5.1, Foundations Windows/Linux 32569 and others.

3. Ask the Expert

You can always ask your senior IT experts if you face difficulties while doing your practical work. This will definitely accelerate your learning capability.

After knowing all these steps, get yourself ready with the HP0-S17 exam. Remember to plan for your exam few months ahead.

At the end, I’ll recommend you to prepare yourself using HP0-S17 exam pdf guide OR HP0-S17 practice exam with selftest engine software training tool developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.