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Guidance on How to Install Windows Installer on Your PC Instantly

Posted on July 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

In case you ever experienced the caution message appears on the computer’s screen shows that certain parts of windows installer have been lost, you’ll need to re-install it to get the computer fixed. This article will explain to you pertaining to how to install windows installer on your computer. This guide may be well-performed on any version of Windows such as XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows installer is really a software component produced by Microsoft that is already applied across the globe to install, manage, as well as uninstall program on the current Windows operating systems. The software is also needed for putting in the protection software plus the improvements for your PC.

For those who wonder how to install windows installer on your PC easily, it’s a must to check out first concerning the operating system version which you have on the PC. Then you will have got to know which windows installer version which may suit your OS specifications. For XP SP1 (or below) users, they need to get the 2.0 version. The 3.0 version is perfect for XP SP2 users, the v.3.1 is actually for XP SP3 users, the 4.0 version is designed for Vista SP1 users, and the 4.5 version is good for Vista SP2 users. The most recent version of the application will be the v.5.0 that’s created for Windows 7 RTM.

Right now, you are ready to download the windows installer from Microsoft official web-site. Open the browser and then head to this URL http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/default.aspx. This will bring you to the ‘Download Center’ area then type ‘windows installer’ without quotes inside the blank section of the search textbox. You’ll discover a listing of available version of the software. Click on the one that is appropriate for your OS version.

Through this page you will find the brief information on the application like the version, the language, plus the publishing date. Actually, the program supports for a lot of languages across the country. At the below, you may see the download link of the files that you require. To recognize which file that can be proper for your PC; you ought to have a look at ‘System Requirements’ part which can let you know the entire listing of supported OS. Under the ‘System Requirements’ part, you will have the ‘Instructions’ section that provides the complete details for each file.

You may also need to look into the ‘Overview’ section on this website which elaborates the complete features of the windows installer that has to be very helpful for the computer. In conclusion, the author wishes that the guidance will be very worthwhile and will help much you to find out about how to install windows installer easily on your PC.